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How To Use Andoid 6.0 Marshmallow File manager


One thing you should know is that smartphones that use Android 6.0 come with a native File Manager App. This is certainly an advantage since you will not have to download the app once you buy your phone. Note that File manager is very essential since all storage details are contained there. It is from the file manager that you will be able to identify the existing files in your phone and access them altogether. This simply means that you may not see the need of using a smartphone if you do not have the File manager App.

Android-6.0-Marshmallow-file-managerThe big question is if you know how to use File Manager on Android 6.0 gadgets. It is important to acknowledge that File Manager in the 6.0 Android versions is more sophisticated. This means that you must understand all details with regard to the app to ensure easy operation.

Here are things that you can do on File Manager in Android 6.0 Smartphone:

  1. Opening File manager

It goes without saying that you have to access the File Manager contents in order to make your operations. It is easy. To trace File manager, open the main menu on your smartphone. There is a folder named ‘File Manager’. This is the folder that you should open. Simply tap on the app in order to enter.

  1. Browsing File System

It is easy to browse through the contents in the file manager. All you need is to trace the folder that you want to access. Tap on it once and it will open. You will be presented with all contents upon tapping on the respective folder.

To go back, you will have to tap specifically on the folder’s name located at the top-left corner of the field. Once you do so, tap again on the parent folder in order to go back.

  1. Selecting Multiple File

If you want to select more than one file for transfer or even deletion, all you need is to long-press one of the files. Doing so will activate the multiple selection feature. Once you have selected the first one, you will have to do the same on the rest by simply touching them. You can select as many files as you can.

If you want to select each and every file in the field, then you will have to use the ‘select all’ option. Once you have used the option, all files in the view will be selected.

  1. Sharing Files

Now that you know the manner in which you can select files, it is now time to know how file sharing is done. First you will have to ensure that the files you intend to share are selected. On the options board, there is a share button. Tap on it in order to find some of the means in which the files can be shared.

  1. Deleting Files

Again, you have to ensure that the files you intend to delete are selected. This time, you will have to use the trash icon at the bottom. After you have tapped on the trash button, you will be asked to confirm deletion.

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