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Top Complains We’ve So Far Heard About Android 5.0 Lollipop


Google recently released the latest version of Android—5.0 Lollipop, but apparently the software isn’t enjoying a smooth sail like we all expected. To some, those yet to experience the annoying side of the update, that’s everything they ever dreamt of. But to a small few like us, the software is nothing but buttery, svelte or what I’d exactly describe as a velvetish fairy tale of charming animations.

Android-5-lollipop-mytechportal.comSo if you’re about to give Android 5.0 L a jump, here’re are some of the top complains we’ve so far heard about the update, and their possible solutions:

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Apps restarting in the background

The most common complain about Android 5.0 L is about a bug that causes Apps to restart in the background. Although it’s still okay to have a number of recent Apps running in your phone’s background so that you can return to them later on, this can greatly affect the performance of your device.

A solid solution for this bug is yet to be discovered, but in case you experience the issue, consider restarting your device.

Video Playback bug

Owners of Nexus 7 are reporting a video playback bug that apparently is stirred by Android Lollipop. This bug as it appears is not restricted to any particular App, but YouTube is probably the most affected. Or let’s just say any App that uses Android’s default video player is likely to suffer from this bug.

To resolve the issue, find the entry of the App affected then clear the cache. Alternatively, consider rebooting your device for a temporary fix. But if the problem persists, try uninstalling the App before reinstalling it again. But in a worst case scenario, back up all your files and data then give the device a factory reset to clear the cache partition.

Missing system.img error

This problem is usually experienced while installing Android 5.0 L. During the procedure, a message informing you of a missing system.img error may show up.

If you experience this problem, don’t fret—just flash out the missing files one by one manually instead of using flash-all.bat file.

Wi-Fi Connectivity issue

Once again, Android users are complaining about wi-Fi connectivity—that old, undead bug that can’t stop getting on Android users’ nerves.

There’s no surefire way to resolve this bug, but there are a number of ways you can use to give the issue a temporary fix. First, consider restarting your phone by switching it off then on. If the problem is still not resolved, then try toggling your device to airplane mode for about 30 minutes before switching it off. Alternatively try switching between the Wi-Fi frequencies or restarting your router. Until Google finds a patch to resolve this issue once and for all, you may use the aforementioned solutions to keep your phone running.

Battery drain

Android users have been experiencing this problem after each and every fresh installation of Android firmware. This issue normally occurs when an update is installed over an existing firmware.

As a solution, we suggest you back up your files and data then proceed to give your device a factory reset.

OTA update error

Nexus-9 owners that updated their OS to Android 5.0 immediately Google rolled out the update have been experiencing some issues while installing an OTA update. The phone will basically hang up, reverting back to its previous version, thus failing to install the update.

You can resolve this issue by flashing the latest Nexus 9 factory image. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until Google finds a bug fixer for this issue.

Flashlight bug

If the flashlight in your Android device is left on for long, such that it automatically times itself out, the camera and flashlight may be busted forcing you to reboot the device.

Google is yet to offer a solution for this bug, but until then—continue rebooting your device every time it registers the problem.

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