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Will Google make the Bid to Buy alphabet.com for their newly created company?


It’s no longer news even though still trending after Google broke the news that they have created a holding company which will also serves as parent company to Google and other of it subsidiaries. The little confusing part now in branding is that Google’s Aphabet company did not own the domain name alphabet.com rather BMW does. Alphabet is part of the BMW group and a business mobility solution with a focus on fleet management and financing. Alphabet was founded in 1997, so it’s unlikely that the company will give up its long-established domain name.

alphabet_domain_nameSo the question on the lips of tech enthusiast and Google fans is “will Google be making a huge buy out offer for the alphabet.com domain name? Currently the domain name for Google’s Alpahbet is www.abc.xyz/ which might not look perfect for branding sake as its not a .com domain. Well another side of the story is do you even think BMW will let off go like that her long term created and nurtured branding?  Time will tell. Do share your say on this via the comment box below;

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