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All You Need Know About How Android Wear works with iOS


ios-android-wearFew days ago, Google launched the Android wear on iOS. This is not a surprise but its a great news for users of iPhone who previously only had access to the quite expensive Apple Watch. With the Moto 360 already starting at 149.00 this is a great way to use wearables with iOS. Android Wear works with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2+. What we have below will let you know more about Android wear and iOS/

Which Android Wear devices work with iOS?

Officially, the older Android Wear devices cant really work well with iOS. However, in most cases a factory-reset will make older devices work with your iPhone. Confirmed devices working together with iOS are the following: Moto 360, LG, Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch 2, Samsung Gear.

Which apps are supported by Android Wear on iOS?
Presently, only Google apps work together with Android Wear on iOS. Unfortunately third-party iOS apps won’t work due to Apple’s restrictions. At the moment it’s the following apps: Google Maps, Hangouts, Google Fit, Notifications, Google Now (incl. voice commands), Third-party watch faces.

How to setup Android Wear on iOS?

1. Download and start Android Wear iOS App
2. Have your Android Wear device nearby, select language and accept terms and conditions
3. Confirm pairing on your iPhone. Accept bluetooth sharing and notification access.
4. No need to plug-in your Android Wear device to a power connection (it is recommended tough)
5. Your iPhone will now update your Android Wear device
6. You should now be in the tutorial screen. In the next steps you’ll be asked to accept all sorts of access rights (location, notification sharing, etc.). Accept all of those or you won’t be able to fully use your Android Wear device
7. That’s it. You’re now able to customize your Android Wear device or change settings.

Check below is the video which contains all the info you just read.

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