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Best One-page Checkout for Opencart from Dreamvention


If you have have been using Opencart for your e-commerce store development, you will be conversant and familiar with the fact that there is no single / one page checkout process inbuilt with the e-commerce software application. Filling six forms on different pages at checkout is so annoying and pisses customer off and in most cases, customer abandoned such cart and never comes back again. The reason and need for a one / single page checkout came into been as a result of this stress.

You might be wondering which is the best One-page Checkout for Opencart right? One thing for sure is that there may be so many apps in this line claimed to be the best, yet they are not. It is for this reason that you need to critically scrutinize the best one-page checkout for Opencart. Ajax Quick Checkout from Dreamvention is regarded as the leading choice for those interested in Opencart. This is because you will enjoy much more benefits than what you would have gotten from other checkouts. Ajax Quick Checkout has both Lite version which is totally free but of course limited in features and the Full version which cost $44.99 which is very cheap and affordable when comparing it robust features to the price. I will be reviewing the full version because i have personally use and that is the only single page checkout extension i uses when working on opencart.

one-page-checkoutBoth online sellers and customers have benefited massively from this application. Why? Ajax Quick Checkout for Opencart features more sophistication than other versions out there. It is much easier to maneuver through the Opencart, make your selection, and place your order.

Checkout some of the things that make Ajax Quick Checkout for Opencart the best:

One Page Operation

Unlike in the past where you could navigate through the Opencart in different pages, Ajax Quick Checkout deals with just a single page. This means that you will be spared the hassle of perusing through different pages in order to finally place your order. This is not only an easy way of making your selection, but a fast one also.

Freedom To Shuffle Orders

Another very unique thing about Ajax Quick Checkout is that you are provided with the freedom to shuffle any order in any way you wish. This is a point of convenience among users. The truth is that you may not be able to accomplish the same with other Checkouts out there.

Clear and Precise Steps

One thing you should note is that Ajax Quick Check is a One Page application. In this regard, all steps are presented in a single page. In other words, you will be able to clearly follow all the steps without hitches or flaws. Aside from that, all steps to be followed are very precise as opposed to complex. It is something that will not take you long to comprehend.

opc-opencartEven More Freedom

Did you know that you can still organize the provided steps into 1,2,3. Better still, you can create a double column on your right hand-side. This only means more freedom for users. You will enjoy the privilege of choosing the easiest and friendliest way of placing your order.

On-click Order Placing

This is where most customers enjoy the use of Ajax Quick Checkout. Why? You will not have to click on so many buttons in order to place your order. In this case, only a single button is involved, and you will be all set to receive your order. If you have for long been irritated with ‘continue’ buttons, then Ajax Quick Checkout is the way to go. It has never been this easy operating on Opencart.

Social Login Buttons

Another very interesting thing about Ajax is that you will find social login buttons in it. This includes major social media sites which you can use to login to your account. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more.


The Ajax Quick Checkout opencart extension is available on the opencart extension page or you can visit Dreamvision.com for more info before purchasing if you so wish

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