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The Advent of Android N: The Rumors Are Out


The world of android is heading to a yet another incredible level. Rumors are already out and about claiming that Android N is just around the corner. This is arguably the best android ever launched and this only means that its performance is indeed on the higher side.

Android NThe previous and current versions of android have had a couple of drawbacks. The users of previous and current android operating systems have faced some challenges. Arguably, the designing of Android N was motivated by the challenges faced in the previous versions. In other words, all those challenges will be solved by far thanks to Android N.

Now, what is so unique about Android N?


Oh yes! Unlike the old android versions, Android N allows users to multitask. In others words, you will not have to exit one program in order to open another. You can leave one program running and still make other operations simultaneously. Android N aims at upholding better productivity among the users.

Faster Response

Any Operating System that seems slow in operation is certainly not the best. Some android versions have arguably been very slow in response and therefore causing a chain of inconveniences to the users. Android N is the solution to slowness in operation. It is designed to respond very fast. You will not have to wait for programs to load for long before opening. Remember that this is despite the fact that there is the multitasking feature in the same OS.

New Data Saver Feature

You will now have more control over data in your android phone, thanks to Android N. The new data saver feature in Android N gives you utmost safety especially when surfing. The feature is designed to bar any background activity that may threaten your device. Additionally, the feature helps in limiting unnecessary data usage in the foreground as well. Surfing has never been this better.

Better Call Screening and Blockage

Now more than ever, it is possible to screen your calls easily and also block contacts that you do not want in your phone. This feature works well in upholding the privacy of the user. Contact regulation is also very possible such that you can store your contacts in a much safer and easier way. Making calls is also very easy as compared to the case of older android versions.

Easy Access To Emergency Info

Another thing that will definitely interest you is the fact that you can place your emergency info on your lock screen. Android N ensures that you do not face any hassle when retrieving information that may be very critical at one point. With emergency info on the lock screen, even a friend can help you in times of danger. For instance, if you are caught up in an emergency medical case, your friend can retrieve the respective info and provide it to your doctor.


More features are expected to be seen in the new Android N. The messaging app is more improved to uphold efficiency. The bottom line is that there is so much you will enjoy with Android N.

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