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How To Add Google Fonts to Office Word 2010 and 2013


Microsoft office word is the standard word processing program, and also one of the hardest to wrap your head around or master.

All their editions come with more than 200 pre-installed fonts. Though most users are happy with the available fonts, there is quite a few that wish there was a way they could add Google fonts in their Ms Office word program.

How To Add Google Fonts to Office Word 2010 and 2013If that’s the case, relax; it’s all possible. If you’re in love with the fonts you see in Google Font gallery or anywhere else, I’ll be glad to inform you that it’s just a snap to have them added to your Ms Office word program.

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Here we go:

Google fonts

For those who’ve never heard about Google Fonts before, Google Font Gallery is a collection of more than 600 fonts that you can download at zero cost and use anywhere. It’s in fact the only place on-line where you can legally browse and download hundreds of fonts. The best part is that all the fonts in the gallery can be viewed in an organized font family before downloading.

While you can still use Google Fonts in Ms Office by installing SkyFonts, installing them manually is apparently the best option as it allows you to use all the fonts you’ve installed without encountering any issue.

Installing Google Fonts in Office 2010 and 2013

Step one

Start by visiting Google Fonts Gallery website link. Here, you can browse all the available fonts to download any number of Fonts that tickle your fancy. Bear in mind that you don’t need to sign into your Google account to view or download the fonts.

Step 2

When you come across a font that you’d like to add to your Ms Office, just click on the “add to collection” button placed next to it. You’re allowed to add any number of fonts, even all of them if you wish, to your collection,

Step 3

Once you have all your favorite fonts added to your collection, you can go ahead and click on the small download button at the upper right side to view the download fonts dialog. You can afterwards click on the “download the font families in your collection as .zip file.” Your fonts will start download right away, but as .zip file. Meaning, you’ll have to use WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRAR or any other file compressor to extract the downloaded file to a new folder.

Step 4

At this point you’re free to install the downloaded fonts to your Ms Office word. To do this, just right click on the extracted fonts one by one before clicking “install.” Now go ahead and click the Yes button when the UAC prompt pops up.

Alternatively, to save on time if you have hundreds of downloaded fonts to install, just select all of them then right click and click on “install” to have all of them installed at once.

Step 5

Once you have all the fonts installed, you can go ahead and open your Ms Office program. Now head straight to the Home tab and expand the fonts’ drop down list, like you usually do, to view and select all your newly installed fonts. You should be able to see all the newly installed Google Fonts here.

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