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8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Gaming experience


Whether you’re gaming on a PC or console, there are rounds of snazzy new accessories to enhance your gaming experience. Your options are rife. From hardware to tweaks that increase performance—not forgetting the gaming mods and tricks, there are a number of ways gaming experience can be made even better if someone showed you how.

video-gameHaving said that, today, we’ll be bursting in with 8 of the very best ways to spin out the time you spend gaming.

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So whether you’re planning to spend less than $10 or over $500, rest assured there’s something that will grab your attention here. Here we go:

1. Headset

Communication is essential for a great gaming performance. Otherwise, the strategies and tactics you’re plan on using will all be impaired, more so if you’re the only one with a garbled connection. For this case, you have to research on a nice pair–particularly a comfortable, over-ear headset with noise cancellation. Classic examples of such headsets include Microsoft’s Xbox one, Kingston’s Hyperx over-ear, as well as Sony’s PlayStation Gold headset.

2. Capture equipment

Sony has a second-to-none built-in capture accessory, but for a quality video output, you’d want to get a dedicated gear. That’s where Elgato’s Game Capture HD60 comes in for 1080p60 games. This works best for any HDMI unencrypted signal, including Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For legacy consoles and PS3, you can use the older Game capture HD, which works fine with all analog ports.

3. Remote play

PlayStation 4 supports remote play integration either with a $200 vita or $80 PlayStation TV. This enables you to play full-fledged console games from anywhere. Whether in bed, at the office, or in front of a TV, Remote Play gives you the convenience factor. You can, as well, pause or stop a game on your TV and still be able to pick it again from where you left without losing data.

4. Analog hang covers

If the rubber grips on your PS4 keeps wearing off every now and then, invest in analog hang covers. Rather than buying another controller or tearing up your thumbs, buy analog stick covers for $5 or less. They’ll save your controller a great deal. Plus, they can snugly fit in almost any type of controller in the market, particularly the older ones.

5. SSD drive

If you’re gaming on a PC, you can speed up your overall gaming performance by simply upgrading to an SSD drive. Contrary to the other hard drives, the SSD drive is super-fast—as such, good for making PC games fly. Better yet, their prices have greatly fallen of late, which means you can get a good 120GB SSD hard drive at only $80 or less.

6. Gaming Mouse

If you’re gaming on a PC, a nice gaming mouse is a definite bang for the buck, more so to those who take gaming like a serious hobby it is. First get rid of the cheap generic trackpad and mouse. Then in replacement, get the Venus gaming mouse from UtechSmart, which comes combined with an incredible 16, 400DPI precision and 18 programmable buttons for only $40.

7. The Gameboard

For most gamers, the standard keyboards work just fine. But if you’re serious into gaming, gameboard is a must-have. The G13 gameboard from Logitech, featuring 25 programmable keys arranged in an ergonomic design, is a good example of a gameboard to choose. Besides it sports an LCD display and customizable backlighting, which allows you to configure the gameboard so it can look and function exactly like you want it to. It goes without mentioning the 5 separate profiles that allow you to list your favorite games, so you can switch between them on a fly.

8. Controller for PC games

From a technical angle, there are lots of similarities between gaming on PC and gaming on consoles. But before the two stack up against each other, PC gaming has a lot of crossing over to do; one of which includes getting a PC controller, such as the Xbox 360 and Xbox one controller. The good part is that majority of modern games can easily detect a controller and seamlessly work with it.

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