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The 8 Most Expensive Watches in the World


If splurging a few hundred dollars on a timepiece gets you jolted, you’re yet to experience the sticker shock. While some watches can be as cheap as a few dollars, or as affordable as a few hundred dollars–if not thousands, some ostentatious pieces come with a six-figure price tag.

Speaking of which, using the term pricey for such pieces is definitely an understatement. There must be a word that describes a wrist piece that’s more expensive than a Ferrari. Well, as you continue to flick through your dictionary to get the word, we’ll be bringing you the list of the 8 most expensive watches in the world for you to read and be the judge:

Hublot Classic Fusion-Haute-Joaillerie—Price at $1000, 000 US

Hublot Classic Fusion-Haute-JoaillerieThe Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie watch from Hublot is a perfect case in point of an expensive timepiece. With a price tag of over $1000, 000, the watch features 1, 185 baguette diamonds that cover the entire surface of the watch—from the struts and casing to the open-worked dial. For the casing alone, a team of 15 people had to work 1, 800 hours round-the-clock to cut the pieces and a further 200 hours to countercheck the dimensions and quality.

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