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7 Third-Party Apps for Facebook Messenger You Should Install Right Now


Facebook recently gave third party developers the green light to add intermediary functions to their Facebook messenger.

facebook-messengerIn recollection, the four-year old app has morphed from a frothy chat app that was merely considered an extension of Facebook into a full-fledged instant messenger app with its own standing.

So far more than 40 third party apps add-ons have been developed, each arriving with a different feature that makes texting via the app more gratifying.

You can decide on how you want your texts to be sent, add extra emoticons and GIFs, or include a couple of extra features that lets you enjoy the app to the hilt. All you need is the right set of app add-ons.

And here are five such apps to begin with:

Giphy for Messenger

GIFs are all the rage right now. They’re becoming the most effective and fun way to communicate via text, replacing Emojis and emoticons.

Thanks to GIPHY, sending GIFs is no longer a hassle. All you need to do is launch the app, then search for your favorite GIFs in the search bar before tapping the send bar to send to your GIFs to poseurs or scores of contacts.


Trolling your friends online is never fun until you learn to use memes. With the memes app, you can create snazzy memes on the fly and send them to whoever you want. In addition, you can modify the background and add texts before sending off the message to any of your contacts or a group of them.


Ditty makes texting via Facebook messenger more fun than it already is. It’s probably one of the most innovative apps to ever come out of the Messenger pipeline.

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With Ditty, all you need to do is type your text—anything around 70 characters will do, then watch the app generate a 30-second robotic video singing the text you wrote, backed with a popular tune.

Though the app has a number of free tunes, you can add more at $0.99 apiece.


FlipLip works exclusively on iOS platform. It’s a simple app that lets you alter your voice. You can choose to be a robotic princess, a cyborg pirate or a macho mermaid; options abound.

Whichever the case, this is the app you need if you’re the type that enjoys pulling a prank on some of your friends occasionally.


UltraText is a perfect alternative to GIPHY. If plain texts bore you, then consider spicing them up using UltraTexts, which converts them into GIFs.

The app does that in a fun way, without obfuscating your message or altering them in any way. Your friends get the texts exactly as you sent, but in a funnier and more arresting format.


Selfied, like the name suggests, lets you convert your selfies into stickers. You feel excited, confused, happy or sad? Just take a selfie with the exact visage and save it under the specified sticker. You can then automate them so you’ll be sending to your friends alongside your texts.

Shout!! Say it louder

Shout is another fun app add-on for Facebook Messenger. Basically, the app lets you create custom GIFs. After every space between your sentences, the app takes a snapshot of your countenance and places the word you’ve typed over it.

Once done, it’ll generate a pretty rad GIF with your sentences and phrases spelled out over it. That goes without mentioning the number of additional creative options the app lets you join the pieces together.

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