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7 Tech Myths Everybody Should Ignore From Today


tech-myths-not-true-mytechportal.com-01Every time something new pops up in the technosphere, there’s always a group of naysayers ready to warn us about the possibilities of innovations’ dangers. Yea, we call them myths because a good number of such warnings are usually started by luddites and, in the wake of it, turn out to be totally misguided.

The funniest part is that none of the warnings has a proof or a trace to its source. But there are there. Rooted deep in our skulls, and controlling our daily usage of the gadgets we own.

We have taken out time to break down some of these myths, to help you understand that technology is not something to be dreaded. Here we go:


1. Mac computers are immune to viruses

Mac computers have some sort of immunity to computer viruses. At least that’s what everybody thought, including Apple themselves, until 2012 when a Trojan virus destroyed thousands of Mac computers worldwide.

So in June–2014, Apple decided to update their website by scrapping off this claim, thus qualifying it as a myth.


2. Overcharging your phone or laptop affects its battery life

Does leaving your phone or laptop plugged in after it’s fully charged affect the phone’s battery life?

Nope. It doesn’t, unless you’re using the old, nickel-based batteries that used to come with old laptops and phones.

Nowadays phones and laptops use lithium-based batteries, whose battery life is not in any way affected by overcharging. If anything, it’s more advisable to leave your charger plugged in than to wait your phone or laptop to drain to zero percent before recharging.


3. Magnets can erase Your Hard Drive

There’s no way the magnet you use at home can zap the content in your hard drive. According to the study conducted by PCMag, only the strongest, industrial magnets have the ability to do so. As for the small magnets, they can erase a floppy disk, but hard drives, SSD cards, and USB storages are absolutely safe when placed around a magnet.


4. Placing a laptop on your lap can make you sterile

Another scary myth from “I don’t know where.” Like literally, laptop can zap sperms when placed on the lap, leaving you or any other user totally impotent. Seriously!

According to Doctor Robert Oates, The president of Male Reproduction and Urology in the US, the radiations emitted by a laptop’s Wi-Fi don’t have the capacity to harm sperms or any male reproductive organ as claimed by some people.


5. A camera with more megapixels has a better image quality

“Are you looking for a good camera? Well, pick one with more megapixels.”


That’s the kind of advice you’re likely to get from photography noobs, or people with zero knowledge on how a camera works. But as it turns out, image quality in cameras is virtually determined by the amount of light taken in by the sensor. That’s to say a big sensor (which comes with larger pixels), can produce better images than its smaller counterpart. In other words, the size of megapixels matters a lot in photography than number.


6. The Internet and Worldwide web is one and the same thing

That’s a myth that’s yet to be realized by a great majority of internet users. While the internet is the infrastructure behind the sharing of information between networks worldwide including smartphones, personal computers and various software among others, the web is one such network, responsible for supporting websites, blogs and web pages—or anything with a www at the start, including this site.


7. Posting a disclaimer prevents Facebook from using your posts and photos

It took me every fiber in my body not to laugh at this one. Seriously! If anything that just confirms that only a few active users of Facebook (if any) have actually attempted to read the terms of use. By signing up with Facebook (part of which include agreeing to their terms of you use), you automatically give Facebook permission to use your photos in any way they see fit.

So whether you write your disclaimer and inbox them update it or post it anywhere, Facebook will always have the right to use your photos any time they want.

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