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7 Best Games to Download on your Android Smartphone


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Hey everybody here is 5 actions game i recommend to download on your android smartphone but there are millions of games on Playstore and even more than. There is always this problem of you downloading a game of 1GB with your hard-earned subscription, only to discover that the game isn’t just worth it. This makes most android users(mostly the game freaks) to become tired of downloading, and wait for someone to do the downloading.
Majority of android users always have games like, jetpack ride, temple run, zuma etc well dis games can be sometimes/mostly boring especially for the guys.

Below is a list of games that i believe you would love to play.
1.Grand theft auto(gta) series
2.Contract killer
3.Frontline commander(DDAY)
4.Fifa 14
5.Batman arkham origins
6.E warriors
7.Brother Hood

i’m still you man Oloye 1 signing out peace

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