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7 Best Antivirus in 2014


Keep your computer and smartphones safe with the best Anti-viruses. Anti-virus is nothing but a software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses.

7 Best Antivirus in 2014Bwfore choosing any Anti-virus, you should read all the reviews and research a lot and even at that you are not sure you’re making the right decision? Well i’m here to help you ! While choosing an Anti-virus you should always see that it performs the basic functions of :
1) Scanning specific files & directories for any malicious pattern.
2) It should allow you to schedule scans automatically.
3) Always notify you to remove the infected file.
4) It should always display the health of your computer.
5) It should have the feature of scanning a specific file on your computer or a CD or a Flash Drive.
6) Virtual Keyboard.
7) Keep it updates up-to-date.

If you are not a computer geek, don’t worry, here is my review of 7 best Anti Viruses in 2014, and behold they are among the best Anti-viruses available on market right now.

1) Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7: Though not built from onset as an antivirus from the beginning,  It provides a huge collection of System utilities and is now a decent antivirus. It completely blocks eight percent of the malicious URL’s. The security features on this Antivirus are not enabled by default, this is the only con for this anti-virus.

2) Avast! GrimeFighter: It has an a automated malware cleanup and system optimization. It is a Linux based Anti-virus and optimization tool. It is a rebranded version of Jumpshot which was purchased by Avast last year, so people who trust Jumpshot need not worry. The ponly con is it does not have a bootable CD/USB support and also no access to scan history.

3) Ashampoo Anti-virus 2014: This is an Anti-virus which uses User licensed scanning engines from Bitfender. The following things are included i.e. File checker, StartUp manager, secure file deletion. The only con is it’s Malware Cleaning Score is very very poor.

4) Avira Anti-virus Suite 2014: It is one of the best Anti-viruses on market. It has and advanced Anti-virus technology which is not included in free editions. It’s lab results in case of malware blocking test done by experts has turned out outstanding.

5) Bullguard Antivirus: It’s phishing protection is been improved in this version. It also has an Built in bonus spam filtering which is quite incrdible. It’s filter is so nice that it never slow downs the downloading of an e-mail. The only con is poor blocking of latest malicious URLs.

6) G Data Antivirus: It has a great malware blocking capability. It also manages startup programs with optional delayed starts. However i personally wont recommend this one becaus its Phishing protection is uneven, in other words it has a poor score in malware cleanup test.

7) K7 Anti-virus Plus 14: This one has the quickest installation out of all these. It has an advanced device control, also a Virtual Keyboard.
It cleans temporary files and also scans for malicious changes to critical system areas. The only con is it’s not that great at basic anti-virus tasks and has no Malicious URL blocking.

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