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5 Top IT Learning Centres in Nigeria


IT centres or institutions serves as basic and premium hub to get both general and in-depth knowledge on any IT course or skills. ICT industry has been growing in Nigeria at a rapid stat for over a decade now with many IT institution spanning and expanding it centers in the country. I have  researched and come up with tghe top 5 IT learning center in Nigeria. the list rank from top to least.

IT-centres-in-Nigeria1. New Horizons Nigeria:

They pride their-selves as the No.1 IT Learning center in the World with over 30 years since inception back in 1982 from United State. New Horizons Nigeria commences in May 2005, and with over 10 years in the game so far, New Horizons Nigeria has produced top IT professionals. They offered major IT courses from basic computing and ICT class to core programming and networking courses in Java Technology, IT security, Microsoft, CompTIA, Oracle, Web Development etc. They have some of best instructors with hands on experience, conducive learning environment, each student to a flat screen PC, well equipped air-conditioned classroom. Professional certification examinations can also be taken from their center. Visit their website at newhorizonsnigeria.com for more info.

2. ApTech Nigeria:

With 14 current fully computerized and internet enabled Automation training centers spread across Nigeria, Aptech has a truly national foot print. So no matter where you are, there is an Aptech center located within your reach! All Aptech centers are configured to provide Online Training and Online Examinations. As of today, Aptech has delivered training to over 20,000 individuals in Nigeria in a wide range of courses from basic appreciation courses to high-end Software Engineering and Networking programs.

Aptech world-wide headquarter in Mumbai, India has over 28 years experience in IT training courses and education.

Courses: Aptech Nigeria is hot for the following courses .NET, Java, Networking and Oracle. ACCP i13. With ACCP i13, you will also learn Cloud Computing and Enterprise, Mobile & Web Application Development. The curriculum ensures that you get hands-on training experience and are updated with the latest technology trends to stay ahead in your career. Visit their web portal at aptech-ng.com

3. NIIT Nigeria:

NIIT Nigeria used to be Nigeria’s leading and No.1 IT institution but that was before 7-8 years ago before they lost the position to Nigerians IT stakeholders most especially the students, but they still standard enough to make our No. 3 spot. Established in 1981 from India, NIIT Nigeria was established in 1999 and they claimed 16,000 prospective students enrolled for their courses every year.

NIIT Now has more than 19 operational centres in different regions of Nigeria – Abuja, Ajah, Asaba, Lokoja, Makurdi, Eket, Ibadan, Ikeja, Ilorin, Kaduna, Offa, Onitsha,Osogbo, Otta, Owerri, PHC, Surulere, Uyo.

With over 16,000 students enrolled in Nigeria, every year, NIIT is acknowledged as the undisputed leader in the country’s IT training and education segment, offering the latest IT programs mapped to the industry requirement and international vendor certifications.

Course: With a career and skill acquisition programmes in virtually all IT fields, NIIT Nigeria offers a Two year intensive program on Software Engineering and Network Engineering likes many programmes via IT skills in CCNA, CCNP, Linux, Oracle, Window Administration, Web Application etc. Their website at niitnigeria.com is your point for more information.

4. FirstLogic:

Firstlogic is Nigerian’s Indigenous leading IT education learning and International certification centre. Founded in October 2003, they currently have offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt with 53 employees.
Firstlogics’s diverse combination of training methods addresses a wide range of experience levels, learning styles, and job roles, leveraging to overcome traditional barriers to training such as distance, budget, or scheduling conflicts.

A centralized management team driven with world class business processes ensures that our Education Centers in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt adhere to the same high standards, ensuring a consistent high-quality education.

They qualified IT instructors with hands on experience offers training on courses from Comptia, Microsoft, Oracle, Java, Cisco, Web Development etc. Visit their website at firstlogicng.com for more info.

5. HIIT:

HIIT is another leading indigenous IT training centre with excellent track records over their 18 years of existence. They have excelled in IT Training/Education, Publishing, IT Consultancy and IT Solutions Development & Services. Having graduated over 60,000 students at their CPN-accredited IT Training Centres located in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano and other cities nationwide, HIIT truly is an IT centre to reckon with when it comes to breaking record. HIIT Plc has won several awards in the past years because of her commitment in creation and development of products worthy of enhancing humanity.

Courses from major global IT vendors like Comptia, Oracle, Microsoft, Web Development, ICT fundamentals, Accounting Courses, Project management etc.

Conclusion: I guess the list make justice based on current situation and date it was published, have any info or opinion to share? use the comment box  below.


  1. Good job bro, I love your analysis on the different IT firms. For me, initially I thought NIIT was the best and still the leading IT institute in the country before I read your work. I am currently a corps member serving in Ilorin although, I am in the medical field but would love to develop my IT capabilities. I even pertook in the recent NIIT schoolarship test and and was told I did excellent and right now I am planning to enrol in one of the programs but to b very candid with you I don’t even know where to start from, I mean the course to chose. Because all I have now is just the basic appreciation bla bla bla, you know what I mean, so I will like you to advice me on the next area I should move to after the basics. Initially my area of interest was database management. You can reach me through my email, thebeast3026@gmail.com or 08060986708. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

    • You welcome and am glad the article broadens your mind a little. Concerning which IT course to choose from, i cant for sure choose for you or tell you a particular course but i can guide you and give you suggestion based on my experience. If you are someone who loves more of practicals, i mean like on-field work, i can suggest for go for hardware or networking; if you love management kind of thing, i mean you have managerial skills, you can go for system administration and take the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) exams but if you are someone who loves to invent things i mean developing new ideas, you may go for programming.

      This is just suggestion but you cans search within your heart what you really have much passion for.

  2. Hi Emmy, stumbled upon your site and I can see content hasn’t been updated recently, I hope you are still working on this site. we need recent publications and follow up. I am based in Port Harcourt and looking for an IT centre to take the A+ exams at a lower rate but don’t have pricing idea about it, help me out if you can. Thanks for your great site!!

  3. Hello.. I’m an electrical electronics engineering graduate, jst concluded my Nysc n kinda confused Nt wanto build a career in IT. .I’m more interested in managerial, administration Or project management n would like ur advice on Wat certifications to pursue n Wat institutes re best for such in Lagos.

  4. Hello.. I’m an electrical electronics engineering graduate, jst concluded my Nysc n kinda confused Nt wanto build a career in IT. .I’m more interested in managerial, administration Or project management n would like ur advice on Wat certifications to pursue n Wat institutes re best for such in Lagos.

  5. hi… i just came across ur web page and i can tell u i’m really glad at how u broke things down. i have dis penchant to develop new ideas using ict,my concern is i need an institution dat really knws wt they’re upto… please u need to give a brother help here.. my email address is ejennslugs@gmail.com…. would love to be in touch

    • What area of ICT / skills you want to develop yourself into? For software development/programming, i recommend Aptech, New Horizons, for system Admin / database go for NIIT

  6. I’m glad I stumbled on your page. I studied marketing but I’m having interest in ICT but don’t know which of the programs to go for as a starter in ICT. thinking of system management or system administrator tho. Can you please recommend a course that is linked with what I studied and an institute for me in Abuja that would give me the best. I’ll be waiting for your response, thank you

  7. Hi, please I want to start oracle training but checked in Aptech and new horizon and the price is on the high side I’m thinking of getting a personal tutor then later go for the professional exams but I don’t know if it’s a wise idea. Please advice me. Thanks

        • Hello Faith, to be candid with you and in answering your question, there is no perfect or best programming language for developing website though there are some regarded as the basics like PHP which is the combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS but that still depends on what functionalities the website itself is made for. there are people who uses ASP.net and are perfect for that, others PHP. It depends on what you know how to use best but you can start with PHP if you newbie and leverage into others as you go on.

  8. Good bro. Pls I want to develop a skills in networking (practical) and hardware maintenance or troubleshooting. Which center pls is the best?

    • Hello Sule, sorry for late response, was away on long holiday that is the reason. As par good center for practical on hardware and networking, i will advice if you based in Lagos to go computer village in Ikeja, there are plenty pro computer networker and hardware pro you can learn pure practical from and do any of the hardware or network certified exams, A+, N+, CCNA etc from any of the prometric center.

  9. Hi Emmy,
    am really glad i came across your article. i just finished my HND in Compt.Sci. late Last year, and I’ve being trying to go further in acquiring more skills in professional ICT course.
    I live in Akure, and here we only have NiiT and JiT-Solutions, and visiting there sites it wasn’t impressive at all,
    i need your advice on the best ICT company i can take CCNA and probably Java programming.
    here is my email – sumboty@gmail.com
    your insight and advice will be much useful Sir. thanks

    • Hello Zum, first sorry for late response, as par your request, i will advice you search and get trained by any good personnel in computer networking, download and study guide both ebook and videos from the internet, do hands on training from any local person you can, then apply and sit for your CCNA in NIIT, think they are prometric center for Cisco courses.

  10. Pls Emmy, I want to run a MMS course with NIIT 2.5year this year but I’m still thinking if NIIT is still the best or Aptech pls I need well recommended center in Lagos that is very good in software engineering programming. I’m so much interested learn it. Please can you reply me on maxclass247@gmail.com

  11. Hello am emeka am graduate of computer secince I will love broden my knowledge I got from school but I love practical work am based in Lagos so am looking for an IT centre here with an affordable prices this my email enwafor1@gmail.com looking forth hearing from you sake

  12. hello Emmy, i worked as a performance analyst with ibedc, i would like to develop myself and i have a degree in statistics..pls kindly suggest which course i should apply for in IT

  13. Hi, I’m a lawyer and I’ve been in 5years active practice, i’m considering an online law firm and I really want to be vast in the ICT skills I will need for rendering such service, which course do you suggest I go for?. Thanks

  14. Thanks for this great information.
    I am a graduate of computer science and i have tried to delve into the different aspect of IT, started with programming using Java, went into web development starting with html and later tried PHP, also did tried Networking, Designs and little of Data management all these came as a result of different hitches, getting stucked and not really knowing the way forward but looking at how i do things, i am more of an administrative/managerial person but also love seeing new things but looking at the career market in Nigeria with my certificate, what do you think can help me gain a good career in IT.

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