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5 best bootable USB creation tools/software


There are so many benefits that come with bootable USB devices. To begin with, it is easy to create bootable tools on USB drive. It is also very easy and fast to erase. What’s more, you can accommodate multiple OS in the same drive. These are just but a few benefits of having bootable USB drives.

The good thing is that there are also several bootable USB creation tools that you can use. In this regard, you do not have to rely heavily on DVD bootable tools anymore. Bootable USB creation tools are now dominating the market and that is the direction that you should head towards.

usb-creation-toolHere are 5 bootable USB creation tools that you should opt for:

  1. Rufus

This tool has already been ranked among the best. It is best in the sense that it is simple and very friendly to use. If your aim is to cut the chase in hunting for separate tools in every operating system for the sake of testing, then this is the ideal tool for you. You will like the fact that the tool detects USB drives automatically. It also makes it easy to identify the particular device that you intend to format.

  1. Universal USB Installer

It is important to first acknowledge that this bootable USB creation software is meant for Linux. This is for those who may perceive that it is ‘universal’ as the name goes. Aside from that, Universal USB Installer is considered to be one of the best bootable USB creation software. It comes with extra features to make its use better and friendly. The best part is that Universal USB Installer allows users to prepare live antivirus rescue disk.

  1. YUMI

Most people consider this tool as an advanced version of Universal USB Installer. This is because its operation is very close to that of Universal USB installer. However, YUMI has an extra feature that makes its operation more unique.  With this tool, it is possible to install more than one OS in a single USB drive. The best part is that you do not have to format your USB drive in order to install an additional OS. This is definitely an advantage over other bootable USB creation tools.

  1. Linux Live USB Creator

This is yet another Bootable USB creation tool meant for Linux. It is considered best for a number of reasons. To begin with, its interface is very appealing. Aside from that, the performance of this software is simply excellent. With this tool, you will not necessarily have to restart your computer in order to run Linux Operating System. This is a very exclusive feature and an advantage to the users.

  1. Win USB Maker

This bootable USB creation tool is more than just any other tool. It is possible to clone hard disk partition with the help of your portable memory device. It is also possible to restore any saved partition in the USB drive to your hard drive. In other words, this is an ideal backup tool.

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