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List of 4G LTE Internet Service Providers in Nigeria


LTE which is the abbreviation for Long Term Evolution, is a fourth generation 4G wireless technology that is 10x faster than the speeds of 3G networks. 4G LTE was developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and wireless hotspots. The first generation was analog, the second was digital and the third 3G, is multimedia broadband. The 4G technology standards allow you to take advantage of more bandwidth and better throughput (higher rate of successful delivery across the network), and enable traditionally wired applications on wireless devices

4g-lte-provider-in-nigeriaFollowing the current evolution of the 4G LTE technology, Nigeria is not left behind as the country already gotten some reliable ISPs providing services on the 4G LTE platform. For instance, Swift Networks recently announced the acquisition of Chromecomm to upgrade it remaining subscribers on the WIMAX technology to the 4G LTE platform.

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Below i have confirmed and listed the internet service providers who are offering services on the 4G LTE technology, no mobile telecom company makes the list as at this publication.

1. Spectranet

Spectranet was awarded a License from the Nigerian Communications Commission in 2009 with the aim of promoting Internet Services in Nigeria. Over the last year Spectranet has assessed and evaluated different technologies and mediums which would facilitate in providing the best data services best suited for Nigeria. SPECTRANET is the 1st  ISP to launched 4GLTE internet Network in Nigeria.

2. Swift Networks

Swift Networks Limited is a facilities-based telecommunications services provider. Founded in 2002 after bided and obtaining the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) License from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity services to businesses and residential subscribers.
Swift Networks holds an exclusive wireless spectrum license from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), allowing it to operate an end-to-end reliable, fibre-like connectivity services in the exclusively licensed and interference-free 3.5GHZ spectrum. In last quarter of 2013, Swift Networks call for the volunteers of 500 subscribers that will test-drive its brand new 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, since then, they have never look back.


ipNX Nigeria Limited is a leading provider of infrastructure-based Telecommunications and Information Technology services here in Nigeria. Leveraging more than a decade of experience, the company was formed by the divestment of the telecommunications services division of Telnet Nigeria Limited and has been in operation for many years. IPNX recently rolled out it fibre optic internet on 4G LTE technology.

4. Smiles

March 13th, 2014, Smile Nigeria announced the launched of it 4G LTE service. This development according to Smile management comes after 2 good years of internal testing of the technology on their networks and fully upgraded and up to standard. Smile coverage area include Oyo, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Are you a network provider in Nigeria currently offering the 4G LTE service? feel free to comment and list your ISP so we can keep upgrading this list.


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