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4 Steps on How to maintain your Hoverboard


  1. The Hoverboard’s only moving part is the wheel. You should regularly lubricate the seals and replace them when they wear-out. Also, you will from time-to-time, need to change the tire for a new one, as well as the skid-plates as they wear.                                                                                                                                                                         hoverboard
  2. Water-splash on the Hoverboard should be fine. Before riding on wet pavement or in the rain, you should be absolutely sure your wheel-seals are in perfect shape. If a Hoverboard gets totally submerged, it must NOT be turned-on. If there is suspicion or evidence of water incursion, then the Hoverboard should be taken apart and dried-out. Then, once fully dried, reassembled and tested.
  3. Yes, it is important that the wheel seals be in perfect shape to cope with dust, sand or mud, and it is still not recommended that the Hoverboard be used in such environments. The Hoverboard is extensively sealed, but only when every seal is performing absolutely perfectly will it be impervious to water.
  4. Not really. Basically, any surface the Hoverboard could ride on would be very conducive to the sonar technology. In addition to the sonar, the Hoverboard has gyro and gravity sensors that ensure a smooth and even ride.



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