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4 Image Watermarking Apps for Mac Users


Watermarking your photos or images can be little more of safe in terms branding and copyrighting it. Today we are going to review 4 tops apps mac users can use to easily watermark their photos/image thereby adding some sought of protection right.

Mac-Users-WatermarkThe Mac user can easily use any of the below app on their system in order to watermark their images. The watermarking ensures the authority and ownership and it helps you to track your all images.

1. uMark

The uMark is another best app for watermarking and specially for the Mac users, we are placing it. It includes cool texts, batches, QR Codes, Boarders, Customizable panel, Live preview and some more awesome features which are stick with uMark. It is also available for Windows users. If you want to get it for your Mac OS X then get it Here.

2. iWatermark Pro

The iWatermark Pro is another best app which can be used to watermark images. It includes some appealing text, icons, QR Codes and other tools which can be used for watermarking. It gives you six different types of watermarking styles. You can get some best effects there too.

3. Impression 2

The Impression 2 is the last app which we have brought for you for the purpose of watermarking. This can be used for high quality watermarking, can be dragged, best solution for watermarks and many more features. If you want to use this tool then you can use get this app Here.

4. Watermark Pro

The Watermark Pro is the first app on our list which could be used to watermark images with complete ease and convenience. It allows you to add texts, logos, QR Codes and Maps on your images which all can be used for watermarking. You need to design the style according to your convenience and taste.

Feel free to suggest any apps of software you feel also does a nice job in watermarking images on Mac via the comment box.

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