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360fly’s 4K camera is now available

360 fly cam

360fly’s 4K camera, which it introduced at CES this past year, is now available for $499.99. It comes with 64GB of internal memory, telemetry sensors, and an e-compass. The camera pairs with a user’s smartphone so it’s controlled through an app. The most notable thing, though, is the fact that the camera is slightly rugged; it’s shockproof, dustproof, and water resistant.

The 360fly is one of the better options available and fits in alongside the Ricoh Theta S. That being said, the Ricoh, which is one of the best 360 cameras on the market, scratches extremely easily. At least 360fly’s camera is kept slightly safe from the elements. Now for the bigger question: what do we shoot on a 360 camera for $500?

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