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Lists of gadgets That Blow Your mind in 2015



After holding your finger to the MOCAheart reader for 25 seconds, the gadget claims it will deliver accurate heart rate, blood oxygen and blood flow information. The tiny 7 mm device syncs with your smartphone to help you track and monitor your heart’s health over time.


Microsoft has developed goggles that offer an augmented — or “mixed” — reality experience. Unlike Facebook’s Oculus Rift, which completely blocks out the outside world to fully immerse the wearer in another reality, HoloLens keeps one foot (and both eyes) firmly planted in the real world. The lenses of the goggles are transparent, your view of the space around you only selectively blocked by digital images that can mingle with real objects. It’s currently only available for software developers.


The Trunkster suitcase is like the Swiss army knife of luggage. It charges your cell phone. It weighs itself. It has a GPS tracker that connects to your smartphone in case you lose your luggage. And it has a zipper-free garage-door style opening.


Microsoft’s new Surface Book is a legitimately innovative laptop-tablet hybrid that could finally break the notebook PC out of its tired mold. When used as a standard laptop, Surface Book is crazy powerful. But unlike typical laptops, which put all the computing guts under the keyboard, most of the Surface Book’s computing power happens behind its screen, making it a surprisingly lightweight and very powerful tablet.


It’s a BlackBerry phone that runs Android. The previously unthinkable marriage has actually created a smartphone that is getting some very positive reviews. The Priv is expensive, but if you’re constantly sending emails from your phone, the physical keyboard might just be worth it


The Apple Watch is the first smartwatch to truly capture consumers’ attention. Sure, it’s expensive and its abilities are somewhat limited, but it’s among the most impressive smartwatches on the market. Watch innovations like Force Touch and the Taptic engine have even made their way into the new iPhone 6S.



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