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10 Top Video Games of 2014


The gaming landscape in 2014 has greatly evolved, with game developers releasing different kinds of games on a weekly basis. In fact, as it appears, 2014 must have been the year when all game developers decided to make the world of games explode by releasing all sorts of treasures from sneaky heist simulation to extraordinary space adventures.

However, from the long list of games developed within a span of the last 12 months, we’ve picked 10 games that we believe top the list.

01. Wolfenstein; the New Order

Wolfenstein; the New OrderFighting against the Nazis has never been this fun, especially if the Nazis you’re fighting are cyber robos from the future. The Wolfenstein, or The New Order game as also known, is an awesome gaming recipe created by the same people behind fallen S-machine games and fabled. This makes it an excellent pick for anyone looking for a combat game that lets you annihilate the infamous Nazi army one by one.

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