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10 Browser Extensions Every Webmaster Should Consider to Install


In order to make the best use of your browser, it may be necessary to in stall some extensions in it. Fortunately, modern browsers including Mozilla and Chrome allow users to add extensions in order to make web navigation easier. However, the fact that there are so many browser extensions at your disposal does not mean that you should go for any. It is advisable to go for extensions that match your browsing purposes to the latter.

browsers_extensionBelow are 10 browser extensions that any Webmaster should install:

  1. Alexa

This is considered to be one of the most important browser extensions for any Webmaster. It is a complete web analytics toolkit. It enables web users to grow their businesses online by embarking on a thorough analysis. It is an easy way of gauging your performance against that of your peers.

  1. Firebug

It may be a little hectic to inspect and edit your HTML. However, with Firebug, everything turns easy. The extension is meant to unearth the HTML elements that may be buried deep in a particular page. You can then edit it with the help of information that Firebug provides.

  1. Mozbar

If you are looking for an extension that will allow you do your SEO at a go, then Mozbar should be your primary choice. The extensions will enable you to get advanced metrics. You will also be able to access major tools that can enable you boost SEO in your website.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly has always been considered to be one of the best grammar editors there is. The extension is now available for Google Chrome browser. It is best for those who opt to type their content online since it corrects all grammatical mistakes and errors made in the process. Their online tool can help cut cost of outsourcing your content for proofreading in order to detects typo and grammatical errors

  1. Zenmate

It is important to note that there are some sites that limit access for people from a particular location. If you are still in dire need to access such sites, installing Zenmate browser extension is the best idea. Zenmate is meant to mask the IP of your computer hence giving access to any site.

  1. Friends+Me

For Webmasters who are linked to social media, Friends+Me is an idea browser extension to consider. It is meant to convert Google+ into an entirely fledged social platform.

  1. Web of Trust (WOT)

This is a browser extension meant to ensure that surfers navigate through the web safely. The extension works by accessing the database of the searched page in order to evaluate how safe it is. You will then be presented with signals to notify you if the site is safe or not.

  1. PriceBlink

This is the ideal tool for Webmasters who deal with online selling. The extension allows you to see the prevailing price deals of a particular product. Any time you search for an item that you want to buy, PriceBlink will advice whether or not you will save money.

  1. Greasemonkey

The extension enables Webmasters to do virtually any task on a web browser with the help of Javascripts. Although the extension was initially meant for Firefox, it is now possible to use it on chrome.

  1. LastPass

This extension is mostly known as a Personal Data Manager. It is regarded as such since it helps in managing your web passwords. You cannot lose your passwords if you have LastPass installed in your browser.

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