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10 Best Ultra HD TV of 2014


An Ultra High Definition Television in general includes 4K UHD/ 2160p and 8K UHD/ 4320p. These are just two formats of digital video proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories and approved and defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). A hd tv is also known as UltraHD, Super Hi- Vision, UHD TV, Ultra HD television or UHD. The Ultra High Definition Television is the next huge step in hd tv resolution.

Ultra-HD-my tech portalWhat is an Ultra HD television?

As defined by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), an Ultra HD television is one that displays at least eight million active pixels with a slightly lower resolution boundary of nearly 3,840 by 2,160.

Just when you thought a 1080p HDTV was the best you could buy, along comes a very new format, which is 4K or known as the Ultra HD. There are many varieties of 4K digital content which range from 3,840: 2,160 to 4,096: 3,112. It’s a great, even number, that doubles the horizontal and vertical pixels offered by 1080p.

How Is 4K Different Than 1080p?

In general 4K offers four times the resolution of 1080p hd tvs, of course always depending on the variety that we discussed above. But even so, 4K content will continue to be compressed for home use. That is because an uncompressed 2 hour movie playing at 30 frames- per second would generally require 55 Tb of storage just by itself.

Moreover, 4K video takes a solid 1 Gb per second connection for playback, which means pretty fast hard driver and faster than usual network connections and Internet.

But which are the 10 Best Ultra HD TV of 2014?

We came up with the list below after a thorough research and we believe you will like some of the products.

  1. Sony KD-65X9005B: This is a great example of the newly 4K tech. Its 2160p upscaling talents are definitely top notch.
  2. Samsung UE65HU8500: This is without any doubts the sexiest 4K TV available. It measures 65- inches across its pretty curved panel and also offers stunning visuals. Also its connections are more up to 4K- speed.
  3. Samsung UE55HU8500: It is 10 inches smaller than Samsung UE65HU8500, but we can say it is just as awesome with similar features.
  4. Panasonic TX-50AX802: This is a big, smart and fantastic 4K TV. It is capable of a brilliant native 4K performance and also owns a Freetime roll- back TV guide.
  5. Samsung UE55HU8200: This is the cheaper curved 4K TV but definitely it is still a high performer. It treats Freeview HD and Blu-ray pretty well with accurate colour, high detail and bags of contrast.
  6. Samsung UE55HU7500: This is one of the best value 4K Tvs around, drenched in smart TV apps. But maybe the biggest issue of this TV is a lack of an available 4K material. Also it is not curved.
  7. Toshiba 58L9363: This is the 4K TV that changed everything because it is the first affordable 4K TV. But its CEVO 4k engine is definitely the cheapest way to get 8 million pixels.
  8. LG 55UB950V: This TV is powered by webOS and is LG’s smartest TV ever. The set look amazing and features the most user- friendly OS to date thanks to webOS. UHD pictures look really richly coloured and ultra- sharp too.
  9. Samsung UE55F9000: It uses a standard edge LED- lightning system, but still it has a great contrast.
  10. Sony KD-55X9005A: This TV uses passive 3D specs and its price is pretty affordable.

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