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10 Best Android Smartphones of 2014


In previous article, i wrote about the 10 Best Smartphones of 2014 which is a combination of Android, iOS, Window Mobile and probably BlackBerry, but in this case, we focusing on android smartphones alone.

One thing Android users will never complain about is the benefit of choice. They can choose between manufacturers, shapes, sizes, colour and so much more as far as smartphones go. But wait…

How do you cull only the best from a market that’s heaving with Android smartphones? Which one should you choose, now that M8, HTC one, LG G3 and Sony Xperia have just landed? To make an informed decision on which way to go, be sure to read more of this article to find out something about the top 10 android smartphones in the market as we speak:

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1. Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3-mytechportal.com-01Sony Xperia Z3 fits in this list perfectly well. Originally Sony released Xperia Z1 as their flag bearer, only for them to come up a year later with something even better—Sony Xperia Z3. To begin with, this phone when compared to its predecessor is smaller in size, even though this sacrifices their density and display resolutions for reasons we’re well aware of. It still maintains all the high-end specs though, including the 20.7 MP lens camera. But as far as user experience and hardware go, Z3 compact deserves a top spot when put among the big boys. 

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